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What do I need to sign up?

First, go to the App Store or Google Play store and search “Shiftsmart”. Complete the onboarding steps in the app to set up your profile.

Basic requirements to work shifts on our platform are as follows:
1. At least 18 years old
2. Eligible to work in the United States
3. Fluent in English
4. Access to iPhone or Android phone for work
5. Access to Mac or Windows computer for work (remote jobs only)
6. Strong internet connection (remote jobs only)
7. Adhere to reliability standards specific to your role and/or project

For role specific requirements, please visit the signup page for each role. If you are a good fit for the respective role, all of the details needed to work are always provided during onboarding.

How do I see shifts in my area?

After creating a profile on the Shiftsmart platform, navigate to the Shifts tab and click Onboardings to see our featured work opportunities and signup for the ones you are interested in.  After you signup for a role, the onboarding flow will appear on your app and guide you through the steps needed to start working!

How will I get paid?

With Shiftsmart you get paid for the work you do. For time-based roles like Survey Caller and Call Center Agent, the pay is based on active time in the platform. For task-based roles like Retail Auditor, the pay is based on verified tasks completed.

For most roles, we typically send payments daily by 11:59 pm PST. It may take up to 1-3 business days to receive standard payments depending on your bank (for faster payments, you can use our Instant Pay feature).

What is Instant Pay?

Instant Payment lets you get your money as soon as your shift is approved, instead of days later. If you select Instant Payment, your funds will usually take around 30 minutes to appear in your bank account. Each Instant Payment transaction costs $1.99.To use Instant Payment, you must opt into Instant Payment and link a payment method that supports Instant Payment.95% of debit cards are eligible for Instant Payment. Prepaid debit cards do not support Instant Payment.

How come I don't see any shifts?

There are a few different circumstances in which you are not seeing any shifts in the app:

1.  You are not shift eligible yet.
2. You are shift eligible, but shifts are have limited availability or haven't been posted yet.
3.  You are no longer shift eligible due to performance.

Shiftsmart is constantly working to grow our supply of shifts across the country and globe, so check the app frequently for work.

Are Shiftsmart workers employees or contractors?

Shiftsmart partners are independent/hourly contractors categorized as 1099 workers. For more information on 1099 worker status please visit the IRS website.

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