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Food Preparation

Workers prepare and cook both hot and cold food for breakfast and lunch. Tasks include cooking and labeling sandwiches, setting food out in cases according to the planogram, and restocking the thaw cart for the next shift.

Aisle Merchandising

Workers assist large beverage and food distributors by stocking the shelves at large format retailers such as Walmart and Kroger during peak sales hours.

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Interior & Exterior Cleaning

Workers help stores look their best to customers, both inside and outside of the store. Tasks include sweeping and mopping the floors and cleaning the most frequently used areas in the store

Cooler Stocking

Workers stock and organize the backroom coolers in convenience stores in time for peak sales traffic. Tasks include stocking inventory on the shelves according to the planogram and reporting out of stock inventory.

Truck Putaway

Workers receive truck deliveries of snacks, candy, and merchandise and assist in restocking empty shelves and organizing coolers to ensure all products are out on the shelf and ready to be sold in a timely manner.

Facilities Audits

Workers collect data on the condition of fixed assets in large facilities and warehouses to ensure that the facility meets regulatory standards, operates efficiently, and provides a safe and healthy environment for occupants.

Call Support

Workers answer inbound customer support calls for healthcare and consumer businesses. Workers also generate qualified leads for marketing agencies and law firms through outbound calling campaigns.
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