Resilient, efficient, and flexible labor management

Access our network of qualified workers and end-to-end workforce software to quickly and reliably fill shifts. We own the outcome of the shift and ensure workers complete critical tasks.

Tap into our global network of qualified workers

Our 4 million workers from across the world go through multiple steps before they’re allowed to work a shift

Work experience

Video interview

Background checks


Save on overhead costs and
grow revenue

Our solutions have improved metrics at some of the largest enterprises in the world

"A lot of my stores are in seasonal areas and need to ramp up quickly for Spring Break and the summer. I rely on Shiftsmart to help keep my stores staffed during these busier times."

Market Manager, Global Convenience Retailer

"I would trust Shiftsmart to take on my Merch shift, especially since their shifts have started covering the main Beverage Aisles and stocking the full set of products in our portfolio."

Large Format Sales Rep, Large Format CPG, Beverages

"If you’re not able to retain people or get somebody bought in who is going to be here consistently, you’re looking at anywhere from 2 to 3 months to get another third shift employee. If you have the Shiftsmart person here coming in during that buffer zone, it alleviates that pain point."

Store Manager, Regional Convenience Retailer

"Shiftsmart is the best partner we have found to not only provide labor, but also the data and analytics to help us prioritize our capital and operating expense investments."

Senior Operations Lead, Global Retail Corporation

"Shiftsmart has honestly been going really well. I have great reviews from my RSRs & the Store Managers; the work is getting done in the stores!"

District Lead, Large Format CPG, Foods

"Shiftsmart has been an incredible gift to our store teams. My team can focus on serving the customer in a way that just wasn’t possible without Shiftsmart."

Regional Ops Manager, Global Convenience Retailer

Ensure that shift tasks are done every time

Jointly define shift outcomes and co-design a set of tasks for workers to complete every shift.

Task list providing specific instructions to workers on what to complete

On-site location tracking to ensure the worker is at the store at the start of the shift

Photo evidence showing the worker has completed the task

Workers receive feedback to ensure shifts are completed successfully

We'll create a custom solution to fit your industry's needs

We offer custom-tailored solutions across multiple categories

Retail & Hospitality

Food preparation

Aisle merchandising

Interior cleaning

Truck putaway

Forecourt cleaning

Cooler stocking

Full service gas

Inventory reporting

Call Center

Inbound support

Lead generation

Political polling

Seasonal staffing


Facilities audits

Asset tagging

Secret shopper

Insights dashboards


Where does Shiftsmart operate?

Shiftsmart has a network of workers across the globe, with our largest concentration of workers located in the US. Our workers do shifts across the country in convenience stores, large format retailers, and even from the comfort of their own home.

Are Shiftsmart workers vetted?

Shiftsmart workers are thoroughly vetted by our team prior to them picking up their first shift. Workers are asked to submit a video interview when they are onboarding which is reviewed by the Shiftsmart team. Workers are then required to pass a background check prior to working a shift. 

How does Shiftsmart tailor shifts to my company's needs?

Shiftsmart has a global network of vetted workers who are equipped to do everything from cleaning to stocking to call center support. Our team works hand-in-hand with senior team members at our customers to design the shift around critical tasks. Each shift is then reviewed by our team within hours of completion for execution excellence. 

How much do Shiftsmart services cost?

At Shiftsmart, we understand that each set of customer challenges is unique, and we offer customized solutions to fit your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you solve your business’s toughest challenges. 

Ready to transform your labor management?

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